We are approaching one of the most important elections that anyone of us will have seen.

We are approaching one of the most important elections that anyone of us will have seen. The future of our Party and the values we hold dear are being challenged in ways none of us have ever experienced before.

The immediate issue of Brexit divides the country and we are the only party committed to honouring the choice made by the electorate.

We have an aggressive campaign run by the Lib Dem’s built on attacking the achievements of our policies and advocating a popularist agenda without understanding the implications of what they propose in terms of costs or deliverability.

We also have a Marxist agenda being pushed by the Labour Party.

As members of our party we have 300 people committed to our values who want to see our grand children grow up in a world that celebrates  achievements both by the individual and the nation.

Making choices today that improve the chances of following generations is a core value that we all support, whether it Is benefiting by ones own hard work or fighting climate change or living within ones means amongst many other principles.

To help us get our messages out to the wider public we need people who want to be involved, help deliver leaflets or take a role within our party by standing for election.

If you can help in any way or are interested in becoming a Councillor I would welcome your support and help with your Association’s activities.

Please let me know if you can help. ( l  greatly appreciate your current support given through your membership.)

Phil Bullivant
Chairman, Newton Abbot Conservative Association

As usual, the above comments are mine, any questions please contact me  07768355544 or email pabullivant@aol.com



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